Live Event: The Crisis in Climate Reporting

The public is poorly served by reports about climate change that follow familiar lines and surface only when there’s a severe weather event or UN conference; meanwhile, media outlets like the New York Times are scaling back on environmental reporting. Orion and media watchdog Free Press convened a panel of authors and activists (including Kate Sheppard, M. Sanjayan, Bill McKibben, and others) to propose concrete actions for improving the state of climate reporting in the mainstream media.


  1. Thank you, enjoyed the conversation and got some good information.

  2. The weather forecasters on TV NEVER connect the weird and extreme weather to climate change. Instead, they dupe people into believing that unusually warm winter temperatures is just a gift from the heavens. They love telling their audiences that unseasonal weather is a great thing. They are as culpable as the climate-deniers.

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