Luis Alberto Urrea at Aspen Summer Words

On June 19, 2012, Editor-in-Chief Chip Blake spoke with Orion columnist Luis Alberto Urrea on stage at Aspen Summer Words, in Aspen, Colorado, about borders and wastelands of all kinds—in writing and in life. Among the topics explored were the meanings and locations of nature, and the role of writing, which, says Urrea, can be a healing art, something capable of “lighting a bonfire in the soul.”

Urrea’s column, The Wastelander, appears in every other issue of Orion. Video courtesy of the Aspen Writers’ Foundation.


  1. Nature continually moves to the edge of chaos, where new opportunities arise.Vimax

  2. To say these processes began when the Spanish brought sheep to the area was an evocative, but silly invocation for sympathy. Vimax Canada

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