Nanotechnology’s Little Universe of Big Unknowns

The lid has already been lifted on the Pandora’s box that is nanotechnology—these particles are regularly added to our food, clothing, and personal care products, despite a lack of knowledge about their impact on our health and environment. A panel of experts on the science, ethics, and implications of nanotechnology joined Heather Millar, author of “Pandora’s Boxes” in the January/February 2013 issue of Orion, for a roundtable discussion and answered listener questions.


  1. Katie, is this the link you seek?

    New study on nanosilver’s effects in the environment from the Duke team profiled in the Orion story.

    “Our field studies show adverse responses of plants and microorganisms following a single low dose of silver nanoparticles applied by a sewage biosolid,” Colman said. “An estimated 60 percent of the average 5.6 million tons of biosolids produced each year is applied to the land for various reasons, and this practice represents an important and understudied route of exposure of natural ecosystems to engineered nanoparticles.”


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