Orion Editors Out Loud: November/December 2011

Orion editors Chip Blake, Jennifer Sahn, and Andrew Blechman discuss the November/December 2011 issue. They reflect on Bill McKibben’s column about the need for small and many versus big and brittle; the reign of the One Percenters and how income inequality is stunting cultural evolution; Andrei Codrescu’s unexpected move to the Ozarks and what he’s found there; Sy Montgomery’s unusual ability to get cuddly with octopuses; and Michael Branch’s ruminations on the presidential pardoning of turkeys.


  1. I am editor for the Queensland Division of the Australian Veterinary Association. We publish a quarterly newsletter, a not for profit publication paid for by the members. I would like to use Bill McKibbin’s The Era of Small and Many in our next issue please.

    Best wishes,

    David Paxton

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