Orion Editors Out Loud: September/October 2011

Orion editors Chip Blake, Jennifer Sahn, and Andrew Blechman discuss the September/October 2011 issue. In particular, they reflect on Erik Reece’s article about addressing his freshman comp students’ grievances and how education influences democracy; the wonderment one feels when contemplating an animal as strange and beautiful as the sturgeon; author Ginger Strand’s visit to Speed Week in the Utah desert; Rachel Barrett’s photo essay on how gender can imprint itself on the land; and Sandra Steingraber’s frustration with how the public perceives environmental change.


  1. Orion is the only magazine I subscribe to- I wholly support your work! I am both educated and inspired by every issue. Thank you to Jay Griffiths essay, THE EXILE OF THE ARTS this issue. As an artist, I very much appreciated his words. I only wish you had made the his essay available online. It is rare to see such supportive commentary for the arts in any publication and while I am not sure of your readership, I know that in my community, the those who subscribe to Orion are not my artist friends- I would have loved to have shown them that essay through the website. I also think it would have reflected an often overlooked value that your publication supports. I think most readers see Orion as primarily an environmental and political magazine and by putting that essay online, it might better reflect the diversity of your mission.

  2. I subscribed to the digital Orion, but it kept on jumping oversized all over the screen and there was no workable access to comments or any other area like this section here. I’m trying to get a desperately important message to the environmental community, but so far without much success.

  3. Can you please let me know when your next article submission window will be? The one beyond the Nov. 2011 dates.
    Joseph Jastrab

  4. I agree with Anna Ward. I would have sent a copy of Jay Griffiths essay, THE EXILE OF THE ARTS to a flute-playing attorney who is a patron of the arts…

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