Orion Original Video: eel * water * rock * man

eel•water•rock•man from Orion Magazine on Vimeo.

A multimedia presentation about the last man on the East Coast who still fishes for eels with an ancient stone weir, made in collaboration with Orion contributor and artist/author James Prosek.


  1. thanks for story on eel man. we should all be so wise and have such a good outlook on “what is enough…” i too live alone on a river in the east, down a dirt road. sometimes its a real challenge, when mother nature takes what she wants, then so much rehab… i now have a new appreciation for the work i have to do to sustain my piece of the river… keep up the good work. sheri

  2. Very interesting story, but an important factual error at the beginning: the Delaware River is NOT in western NY.

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