Richard Lewis Discusses Child Poetry

Editor Scott Gast speaks with author Richard Lewis about his July/August 2013 article for Orion, “A Wilderness of Thought,” in which he discusses how children naturally connect to the outside world via imagination and poetry.


  1. Wonderful! But much too short!

    Let’s be clear, all that was said here about becoming wind or rain or a stone, entering into and speaking FROM the world and TO the world, especially the natural world, is possible and necessary for all of us at any age.

  2. Richard Lewis’s comments with regard to nurturing a child’s imagination are well founded. Having taught for over three decades in public education, it was disturbing to watch imagination dissipate as children became frustrated as they reached the middle school years and moved into high school. Part of the problem was that they were being separated from the natural world as their frustration grew. Now having moved on in the educational scenario to an instructor of environmental sciences at the college level, I’ve found that imagination can be rediscovered and nurtured through developing an awareness and sensitivity to the natural world. The circle can come back around again; thankfully; minds can become a renewable resource.
    I certainly wish Richard Lewis all the best in his work.

  3. With regard to my comments of Richard Lewis, please notify me of follow-up comments.

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