BADU // Photo by: Jason Siegel

The Strange, Wonderful Creations of Spencer Hansen

The artist's creatures, informed by the natural world, inspire both wonder and affection

Multi-media artist Spencer Hansen makes playful, imaginative art inspired by the natural world. His charming collections invite us into an unknown world inhabited by wobbly four-legged friends, hugging loving fluffernutters, faceted space monkeys, and other oddly familiar yet friendly foreign creatures.

Created from a palette of repurposed materials melded with an intentional expression of duality—soft fur with hammered brass, ridged textures with delicate ceramic—his creations vibrate with colorful emotion as thoughtful designs spark curiosity and engagement. Kind, curious, introspective, and fun, his creatures imprint hearts and minds.


BADU and FINCH / Photo by: Jason Siegel

Group Ceramic

Henderson (collab with Aleph Geddis) / Photo by: Spencer Hansen

Leary and Fern Hoffman


Mochi Ash /  Photo by Jason Siegel



Wood Group Rex and SK

Boba Carving 1

Boba Carving 4

Boba’s Head and Spencer

SK Group with Spencer


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Spencer Hansen graduated from San Francisco Art Institute in 2006 with a BFA in photography.  He is an interdisciplinary artist whose imagination and intellect intertwine to create playful art thoughtfully sourced and constructed. Inspired by the living world, he works primarily with natural materials, hand-making art that is the antithesis of our disposable culture. In addition to Spencer Hansen Art, he is the co-founder and creative director of BLAMO. He resides primarily in Bali when not traveling for exhibitions or chasing snow.

Spencer is represented by Skye Gallery Aspen

IG: @spencerblamo  Inquiries: