Deer cross frozen ground in the background. In the foreground are yellow letters saying "The Ground Between Us"

Scenes from A Country Divided

The Ground Between Us, a new film about the divide over public lands, asks: where do we draw the line between protection and extraction?

ACROSS THE COUNTRY a debate is raging over a huge swath of America’s public lands—putting millions of acres at risk. As monuments are rescinded and wildlife refuges opened to oil exploration, the American public fights back to preserve the places they love. The Ground Between Us is the story of three Native tribal organizations fighting for their future in Alaska, Oregon, and Utah as executive orders and presidential proclamations threaten to change their lives forever. As public land throughout the country makes the headlines of nearly every community newspaper and television station in the country, we are left to ask: how can public lands become the uniting factor in a divided America?




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Misty, tree covered mountain
Elliot State Forest

Adrienne, an Inidenous protestor, stands in front of a governmet building
Adrienne Blatchford

A group of Lands Rights protestors. A woman in the forground holds a megaphone
Bernadette at a Rally

A meeting in a building. People sit in folding chairs behind two microphones
Meeting in Fairbanks

A group of Gwich'in People sit and stand together, some holding flags
 A group photo after a Gwich’in meeting

A large group of people holding up white signs that say "Disagree" in red writing
Jason Chaffetz Rally

A group of three polar bears eating
Polar bears of Kaktovik

A man in a white coat stands next to a small vechile attached to a sled dog team
Martin Herbert-Burns and his dog team

A small, worn, blue church
Kaktovik Church

A group of people, two on horses, stand in front of a group of cows. Two men are holding a cow on the ground
The Redd Family wrangling cattle

Three young boys play with fake swords while a small vehilce drives behind them
The Rivera Family

Lowery, a man in a cowboy hat, and Willie Greyeyes, a man wearing a Bears Ears Mountain shirt
Lowery and Willie Greyeyes

In a semi truck mirror, tall rock monuments can be seen at sunset
Monument Valley from a Rear-view Mirror

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