Place Where You Live:

Anaheim, California

This picture is of Disneyland's Main Street, USA during Christmas time.

I’m writing to you about Anaheim, CA. The home to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. The thought of Disneyland brings back a lot of happy memories to my mind. I’ve always been a childish person and when it comes to Disneyland my inner kid just can’t help but come out. And most of my cherished memories were made there.

As a kid I would go to Disneyland a lot, but it wasn’t until I was older that I really started to enjoy the full experiences that came with visiting a Disneyland park. Most of my Disneyland trips were family planned trips because my parents both worked so these Disney trips were our way of spending quality family time together. Anyways, one of my fondest memories from attending Disneyland with my whole family was during Christmas time. Once my family and I passed the entrance point of Disneyland and were walking down through Main Street, USA we were immediately bombarded with the colorful red and green lights radiating off of the colossal christmas tree with the giant Christmas ornaments hanging off from it. This view was just enough to take my little siblings and my breath away. And in that moment nothing compared to the beauty and magically Christmas vibes that was surrounding all around of us.
And that’s why I love Disneyland because it’s magical wonderful ness never fails to amaze me after every visit. It just doesn’t and that’s why I love going so much.

Some of my other fondest memories in Disneyland include: my birthday, Halloween time with my family, helping my friend film her Disney day vlog, freaking out with all my friends after getting soaked on the Grizzly River Run ride, and especially sister Disney day.

These are just a couple of my most cherished memories.

Lastly, Disneyland will always be my happiest place on earth. I am glad to have made the wonderful memories that I have created there that I will always cherish forever. And I am also thankful for being the lucky few people in Anaheim that actually get to go to Disneyland whenever they want because other people in Anaheim, and the bordering cities are not as fortunate as me. And without the experiences I made there my childhood and adolescence wouldn’t have been that much fun and full of happiness if I never got the chance to visit Disneyland.