Place Where You Live:


My Place

The world is mine to take in while I’m walking through my woods. I take in everything on the way to my place. First, climbing over a fallen down tree, that blocks the path. Once over the fallen tree, my path is easy, only a slight left before a giant pine. This place I arrive at sits at the edge of the creek, where it is shallow enough that I can look into the glisten water and watch for crawfish. I sit and listen to the water flowing by and for the occasional bird, singing along. The breeze blowing causes the trees and bushes to sway, as they are dancing to a silent song.            

Isolation and quietness surround me; I can escape the world around me.  All the worries in the world just disappear, like they never once existed. My spot in the woods has become my sanctuary. I can become one with nature when I’m here, in my world. My place stays my own world away from reality until I can hear off into the distance a yell. The noise disturbs the silence of nature around me and now I am awaken from my own world. The yell is s voice reaching out for me. I then remove myself from my place and leave it once more to go and find what is calling my name. Walking back through the woods, the walk back into reality. Pass the giant pine, back over the fallen tree and straight up right to my house. Right when opening the door, I reenter the real world, like it had never been left.