Place Where You Live:

Brenton, West Virginia

The place where I call home will always be where my roots grow. For nearly nineteen years I am able to call this my hometown. This town has had a bad reputation but as of three years ago this town has cleaned up the wrongful action.

If you walk out to your left you will see farm life, which contains cattle and horses. If you look to your right the business aspect of my town comes into play. If I was to ever leave this town, my roots would remain the same in this town. My state that I love to call home will forever be my home. Brenton is not a big town at al, neither is it a highly job succeeding place, so if you have a job in Brenton then you doing something right. The people of this little town know each other and they have their own special groups. I can honestly say that my town is better than some towns I know in the state. So come stop by anytime you are just strolling through and chit chat with us.