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Cairo, Egypt

Heart of Egypt

Egypt…one of the most well-known countries worldwide. It is a valuable country as it is located at the center of the world containing one third of the world’s monuments, and having one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. Despite the country’s greatness, it still faces huge conflicts. I was born in Alexandria, but lived my entire life in Cairo. I was raised beside a mixture of Greek history in Alexandria and the ancient Egyptian pharaohs’ history in Cairo.
I went through massive experiences, viewed various points of views, and discussed sensitive cases about my hometown. The most important case I considered is Cairo’s history. Unfortunately, I am one of only a few who have this strong bond. Problems in Egypt forced the people to hate their lives in an upsetting way. One of these problems is the pollution. Pollution in Cairo is very high causing hundreds of people to die daily. The carelessness of people caused a dramatic health decline. How painful would you feel when you look up at the sky and barely see only three stars due to pollution!

People have to be sure that they understand their common interests to be healthier and happier. If everyone cared about each other, Cairo will become much better. Cairo’s strong character is not felt by the natives anymore. This is a huge issue as the uniqueness of the place is decreasing. Egyptians should value the monuments that our country own. We have to consider how important the museums are and appreciate our legacy.
Cairo is a great place, but if the locals appreciated their hometown would be even greater. This process needs energy, time, and attention from the generation. I think sharing a common interest in history will be the strongest bond between Egyptians. I know it will take much effort from a generation who cares about Starbucks and Instagram to try to improve these cases, but at least we have to try. I totally see Cairo in a better place. A success achieved by its own people.