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Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Waterfall Cave

Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico, my parents’ hometown, it is considered one of the state’s magical towns; for its beautiful scenic views, gastronomy, architectures and mystical traditions. Most importantly it is known for its Guava. In Calvillo, they make everything out of guava, traditional candies, cakes, drinks and more.

When I visit I make sure to take advantage, if I don’t I know it will take another year for an opportunity to visit again. The food is at the top of my list, famous for its homemade taste and variety. Starting with homemade ice cream “Nieve del Popo” made right at home by father and son over 56 years now, gorditas, birria, tamales, amazing seafood dishes, potato chips, corn cob snacks, and much more but I need to stop with the list, I am making myself hungry.

Even though Calvillo is growing with its tourism, with the warmth of its people, it still remains a small traditional town. Every year they have the town’s festival, this is when you would want to take advantage of everything it offers you; they make beautifully frayed clothing by hand, the different types of food you can try in the variety of restaurants and each with beautiful scenic views to a dam that surrounds this town. You can witness people enjoying themselves with all the different outdoor adventures, kayaking, boat ride, horseback riding and so much more. One of the two water parks in Calvillo is so huge it even has zip line, cabins, dirt biking, a restaurant, temascales; which are ancient sweat lodges with volcanic rocks to provide steam for a relaxing time.

If you are an outdoor person this is a great spot to visit. You can also hike up the sierras and find a beautiful waterfall, and camp behind it in a cave. The first time I went I just could not believe it. Never had I seen a cave behind a waterfall. If you drive up more you can also enjoy a great spot to camp or stay in clay huts and enjoy more of the nature surrounding Calvillo the Magical Town.