Place Where You Live:

Chantilly, Virginia


The heavy beats of a synthesizer thumped along the streets as shrieks of laughter
and exclamations of “oh my god, I haven’t seen you in forever!” mixed with the shouts of street vendors. White tents bearing signs lined the crowded streets as people milled around aimlessly, chatting with friends while blowing on steaming Styrofoam cups. As the song
ended, a man welcomed the throng of people to K-Fest, or Korean Festival, a festival
created to unite the Korean community while showcasing and celebrating Korean

K-Fest occurs annually in several different states in the U.S., including Virginia;
in 2011, K-Fest was held in the streets of Fairfax Corner shopping center. K-Fest offers diverse performances ranging from traditional Korean dancers and musicians to more modern Korean-American talents. Those who attend K-Fest also have the opportunity to purchase Korean food, clothing, and accessories and enjoy a relaxing, fair-like atmosphere. While the majority of people who attend K-Fest are Asian teenagers, they don’t make up the entire crowd. From entire families coming to join the fun to elderly couples eager to enjoy traditional Korean dancing and folk music, people of all ages and races are present at

I enjoy K-Fest because, simply put, it’s fun! K-Fest offers a unique opportunity to loosen up
with friends while enjoying fresh Korean food and entertaining performances. K-Fest also helps bridge the gap between first and second generation Korean-Americans through the celebration of one unique culture. I’m so grateful that the Korean community in the Chantilly/Fairfax area sponsors and carries out K-Fest every year for myself and so many others to experience.