Place Where You Live:

Clemson, South Carolina


The sun sets and turns the sky orange and purple, the silhouette of a clock tower is seen by all. This is a common image to those that have lived in Clemson, South Carolina; home to Clemson University, and the 2016 National Football Champions: The Clemson Tigers! Clemson is a small town surrounded by agricultural and life-stock fields. It is not unusual to drive into Clemson and pass at least 3 or 4 fields of cows. There is a feeling to the air, among the hills that surround Clemson, that welcomes you and makes you feel at home.

The town is mostly a college town that proudly displays orange and purple every single day. Saturdays during the fall are reserved for football for all of Clemson and win or lose the residents of Clemson are proud of their athletes.

The town is covered in purple and orange and visitor or resident, there is always a smiling face around to lend a hand. Clemson has long and varied history. The University was founded in 1889 and is the center of Clemson. The town has tiger paws painted on the roads as you enter. As soon as you pass those paws, you are within the town limits. This town holds my heart. While I was not born in Clemson, it has shaped me in an undefinable way. My hope for the town is that it continues to be as welcoming to those that are coming and to the ones that return. Through thick and thin, those that visit, live or attend school in this town are tigers forever and part of the #ClemsonFamily. “May the tiger’s roar echo o’er the mountain height!”