Place Where You Live:

Color My World

The early day is still, not a soul in sight. Warm glows of yellow light each house,
providing comfort to those asleep. Crisp bitter cold consumes my body, while the moon dissolves behind the tall green pines. One bright star remains alone, kissing the night goodbye. The warm suns glow appears with colors of blue, pink, and yellow welcoming the dawn. The tall oak clings to it’s last dancing leaves, trying to struggle to break away. As the proud colors of red, white, and blue dance in the winter breeze, memories of those who are strong, enter my mind. A taste of cold fresh winter air goes in and out of my lungs. Goosebumps slowly trickle up my body. As I wrap my soft robe tighter, warmth holds me. Melodies break the silence, as the blue birds sing their first morning song. As the sun appears brighter, life awakens for new chances and new beginnings, a new day to inspire, for those who are willing.