Place Where You Live:

Europe (Greece & United Kingdom)

Root Systems entwined, yet distinct Photo by Sarah Whiteley

Expanding Root Systems across Home-places & Lands


The place where I live is Greece ~ my home-place of 5 years.


The place where I am being called to also live is the UK – my home-land.


I know I am being called to expand my gravity and live in both.


This call is from life ~ from land, from roots, from systems ~ and is so clear and strong that it is moving me again, literally.


This is not the first time.  I was called to Greece the same way – to embrace a culture seemingly ‘foreign’, yet ‘unquestionably known’ and ‘home’.  Now, another shift is being called for ~ much like a butterfly undergoing serial transformations implicit in living the wholeness of a lifetime.  Under the guidance of these ‘calls’, these transformational ‘invitations’ elicit an ever-expanding spiral of participation, contribution…evolution.


So, what of this particular call from my ‘homeland’ now?


This summer, in a defining moment – my ‘roots’ were taken and ‘plugged’ back into my home-land, the place I ‘left’ – and now, reclaimed ~ and called to bring my presence and the lessons that had forged and changed me these years, home. And in my absence, the soil structure had evolved too.


But, did this call require an uprooting from my 5-year Greek journeying and the ‘home-place’ I had cultivated and co-evolved – being both ‘grafter’ and the ‘grafted’ – much like the olive trees gracing the land rising above the Aegean? No, I was being invited to expand my gravity to include this place and transcend the need for choice, for this olive farm and systemic learning center called my continued leadership and participation, and I love it still.  I was to weave, bridge and gift insights and experiences between the Aegean and northern Europe.


So, what will these cultural energies weave into this new timeline unfolding before me? What is the call, really, to expand root systems across home-places and lands. Time will tell.  Yet, it is clear.  I am being called.


Sarah Whiteley