Place Where You Live:

Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

I live in Exeter, Devon in the UK. Exeter is a quintessential mix of old English charm and modern sub- urbanism. The city rests on the remains of a Norman castle, restructured from the Roman walls that once stood there. Wandering around the sleek glass and steel of the modern Princess Hays shopping centre, complete with Pandora and Starbucks, one stumbles upon old fragments of the walls jutting out unobtrusively, bearing witness to the changing city . There is of course also the cathedral with its own hybrid mixing of Norman and gothic beauty. Exeter is small, even by British standards and surrounded by the natural beauty of Dartmoor and Exmoor, complete with the famous ponies. Moorland is what I dream of when I think of England, wild yellow gauze bushes and striking purple heather, overlooked by a typical moody English sky. My son’s enjoy ‘letterboxing’, which involves scrambling over boulders to find boxes containing ink stamps to add to their collection. Of course no one who lives in Exeter avoids visiting the coast, the nearest beach being a mere 7 miles away, easily walkable on a (rare) fine afternoon. North Devon is my favourite with endless sand dunes stretching as far as the eye can see accompanied by cold grey water that only dogs, surfers and a few die hard old ladies, dare enter.