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Fresno, California

Cultural Arts District in Downtown Fresno

You know the saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…” well, that’s to say the least about how I felt moving from home. Many people think that Fresno is a city filled with gang violence and low income neighborhoods, but when I walked out of my house every morning I felt the culture in the air. Through the span of the last 5 years the County of Fresno has committed to restoring the Art District in Downtown Fresno. The Art District, is an area secluded from the businesses located in Downtown Fresno, where people can go observe art that local artists and painters display either as murals or smaller portraits. People come here to find peace and quiet while looking at the beautiful colors.

On every first Thursday of each month, local artists get together to create what we call Art Hop. Art Hop is a series of locations that are all throughout the city of Fresno that display different forms of arts at each location. At one location there will be rooms filled with art, painted by local students, artists, and even kids. And then, two blocks away at a small coffee shop, several performers will sing or rap to their own music. There are at least six locations at each Art Hop every month that portray a different kinds of arts. It’s amazing to voyage to Downtown Fresno in the evening and to not feel worried or frightened that something might happen to you is astonishing. A great portion of our community took the time to think about what they could do to make our city brighter just little steps at a time. I think this idea that my city came up with is one of the most cultural things we’ve created, and I’m glad it’s an event that has a safe environment where everyone can enjoy the art, music, and fun!