Place Where You Live:

Fridley, Minnesota

My grandmother lives in Minnesota near Fridley. Her house is right across the street from he Mississippi River. When I go to her house, the first thing I do is walk outside and walk down the riverfront to this park at the curve of her street. I usually ride my bike there and and follow the path through the tree covered park. Once I enter through the passageway to the par, it’s like it opens up to a new world. I look back to where I came in from and I can no longer see the road. This park makes me feel like I’m completely alone and have been swallowed by nature. My favorite thing to do, once entering the park, is dangle my legs over the small bridge that looks over a creek from the Mississippi. I watch the eagles sweep down to grab fish and watch them feed their newborns all while overlooking the Mississippi and keeping to myself. I practice my bird calls and watch deer cross my path staring blankly across at me, almost like I’m not there. Fridley is my safe place; it’s my home away from home.