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Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Fall in Gregory Park

I sit at my spot in Gregory park placed in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I wait season by season as changes occur throughout the year. I take notice of the beauty, the welcome backs that Mitchell Creek whispers.

Fall: Mitchell Creek rushing, creates a wonderful sight for a close up painting or picture with a background of orange log cabins with a mountain standing tall with courage. The smell of Autumn, fresh cool air, with the help of the cold creek. I look up, trees hanging low. I look down, rocks lying stiff on the cold ground. I smile as the young waterfall plays around on the rocks that stay bored. I feel comforted, happy, and loved when I make new friends with nature and the world, especially in fall at my spot, in Gregory Park. I laugh at the little water droplets that compete to see who jumps higher. The perfect place to meditate and connect with the world around us. The cold dirt that I sit on always enjoys when I stand up. Oh what a beautiful place, to be in the Fall, at my spot.