Place Where You Live:

Haverhill, New Hampshire

The powerful Connecticut River flows, creating a fertile valley and feeding the natural power of the place. Mount Moosilauke’s peak lies a ways off, blue with distance; this was the land of the Koasek Native Americans. I have lived in this area since I was a child, wandering around its fields, woods, and mountains. I have seen the barred owl perch in large mossy hemlock forests. I have seen motionless fawns that my eyes didn’t catch until I was feet away, hiding in the tall grass of a meadow. I have seen the mink bound fluidly beside the river bank its nose catching information steering its body to investigate. These things have led me to teach children through a nature program. I believe connecting people to nature is one of the most important tasks of our modern time for human wellness and the health of the planet. I am soon leaving this part of the country but will return to Haverhill to interact with its unique landscape.