Place Where You Live:

Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Interesting how one narrow road can completely change your perspective of home? The place where I live is known as the one and only, Buffalo NY (716). Buffalo is a place everyone has heard of; weather it’s due to breaking news of the die-hard fans, reputation of enduring the most versatile of winters, or participating in one of the largest and utmost diversified festivals /parades in the country. There is absolutely no better place to be than on Her-tel Avenue, Buffalo NY, during the weekend of the Gal bani Italian Heritage Festival. My family and I catch this Festival every year. Bodies crowd across the sidewalk, pushing, shoving, stumbling onto each other just to move forward in line. Hundreds of Buffalo-Ionians gather to experience the new sense of culture or at the very least taste some of the real Italian cuisine hosted through this narrow road. Three blocks away you can hear the music roaring, while bars and clubs line the exterior of the festival. The food is indescribable, in three days of eating nothing but the festival food, a person still manage to discover something new. Everyone experiences different types of foreign delight the festival has to offer. Buffalo is the City of good neighbors, people from all around the world come here and socialize with the residents in this friendly environment. Residents interact with each other in whole new ways, develop perspective and mutual respect for each other culture and ethnicity and it adds and new sense of home; a place you can return to and know that you are always welcomed.