Place Where You Live:

Ho Nai, Vietnam

The Place Where I live

The place where I live is a small town in South Vietnam. The houses are made of bricks and concrete. Their color are mostly brown and gray. They are built closely together so sometimes you can randomly hear other family members secret talking. The roofs are just big pieces of metal. With the year-round hot weather, the heat in the house seems double.

Despite the fact that hot sunlight is shining down on this little old town, children always gather around and play. These kids walk with bare foots, smile their brightest smiles, and create many different interesting games. Playing is good, but it’s not as safe as it seems to be. Even though our town is small, however, the main highway is passed through our town. This means a lot of cars travel through every day. In Vietnam, cars use horn a lot. The traffic over there is somewhat unlawful. Pedestrians can’t cross the street even with the crossing lines. Horns also be used a lot to complaint other drivers. So basically, horn is misused for many reasons. Although it’s a way to alert children, it’s just not enough. Children get hit by a car or motorcycle happen frequently and the death rate is very high.

The air at my place is not as fresh as the air in Portland. It is polluted. Most of the contents that contribute to air pollution in my place are dusts. Luckily that they are just dusts so we can prevent/decrease its effect on the body by wearing a mask. The downside for this method is that it makes our body gets hotter. Why would one wear closed-clothes in hot weather? However, if we don’t wear the mask, our life would be put at risk.

Though my place has many problems, on the other hand, it also brings to me many other great memories. The memory of getting my first achievement recognition. The memory of driving my first bike. The memory of me exciting when I know about Portland. The place where I live contains many sad as well as happy memories, but it shapes me to become an adaptive, responsible, and happy person.