Place Where You Live:

Jacksonville, Florida

Downtown Skyline

The underestimated one. She never disappoints, but rarely is recognized. Quietly beautiful, she has everything a big city could ask for: impressive history, outdoor hobbies, triumphant tragedy, sexy skylines, flaring temperatures, and a rare northerly flowing body of water.

Her ‘River City’ nick name implies that one of Earth’s most precious resources is always nearby. Her best kept secret, The St. John’s River, is one of only two in the world that flow North; her sister, the Nile, resides on an entirely different continent. From any one of her 8 bridges, you can see the St. Johns River in all its glory.

She may be the largest in size (by area) of any other city in the United States, but she’s proud of this feature; she feels it gives her more to offer not only her residents, but her many visiting, year-round tourists, most of which enjoy her sandy, sunny, and surf filled beaches. Did I mention her subtropical climate? While other cities offer snow and freezing temperatures well into Spring time months, she always offers a warm refuge, if you’re ever in need.

The Great Fire of 1901 left over 10,000 residents homeless and destroyed the business district of her downtown region. However, this historical incident helped put Henry John Klutho on the reconstructive map for his prairie style architectural design. And, she never minds sharing map space; this is just another reflection of her southern hospitality.

She’s not always sunshine and blue skies, Hurricane Dora of 1964 has proven this, but it’s rare to get her spirits stirred, although some say she’s due. Her NFL features could be improved upon, but she knows this and continues to try, try again. Named after the seventh President of the United States, she takes pride in her namesake knowing that his successes will live forever through her. She is economically strong, she is kind to others, she is blissful to look upon, she is interesting to spend time with, she is Jacksonville.