Place Where You Live:

Keithville, Louisiana

The weather was always warm and humid but despite the heat, there was always something to do outside. In fact, that’s where I spent most of my time. The outdoors made living in Keithville an adventure every day. There is so much room to roam and there is no neighbors in sight so you can be as obnoxious as a kid at the grocery store, without disturbing anyone. You were free to roam barefoot on the dirt. This, of course; made your mom rinse your feet off with a hose before allowing you in the house. You could also ride the dirty four wheeler in fresh mud after a morning downpour. You could also go exploring in the never ending woods in the backyard where you weren’t supposed to go. The tree with a dirty orange marker was the warning sign but we never paid attention. At night, you could see every star in the sky and every crater in the moon like it was just a cloud floating. Giant bonfires warmed our cold dirt covered feet, roasting marshmallows or hot dogs while exchanging stories with friends. That smoke lifting into the air with the words that left out lips. Mosquitoes buzzed around you mixing with the sound of cicadas mating in the trees making the perfect sounds when you fell asleep.

Time was endless and dates were useless in those Louisiana woods. No matter how many times you went in the woods there was still so much to explore. I was used to the familiar smell of a storm and the murky water of the lake. If you woke up early enough you could see the sun peeking over those tall trees. It was the world’s way of playing hide and go seek. The smell of small propane tanks heating up breakfasts filled with eggs and coffee, biscuits and bacon. In the woods there was no problems to complain about. Allowing all of us leave with nothing but smiles brighter than the morning sun.