Place Where You Live:

Lee Vining, California

Mono Lake

Lee Vining, a small town located on the Eastern side of Yosemite, giving you a million reasons on why you should love it. Offering breathtaking views of the eerie Mono Lake that people travel thousands of miles to see, or the ghost town of Bodie and its many stories it shares, and all these beautiful areas surrounded by juniper and aspen trees that change into striking different colors when the season changes. Not only do the leaves turn into beautiful colors but every day the sunsets are beautifully unique in their own way, like the Sierra Wave.

Stereotypically I get asked if this is a small full of old people, they probably ask that because they aren’t any things for kids like skate parks and the closest mall we have is 2 hours away, but something we do have is space and we make it work with what we got. From going off roading, playing soccer at the park, going to bonfires and pretty much anything else that involves going outside.
Growing up I saw how this small town treated everyone like their second family. You would see the same faces every day from either just walking around town or because everyone would go to the high school to watch the girls and boys play sports. Every year was just like the past, which meant in winter we go ski or snowboard at June Mountain, a ski resort near us, or in the summer we go swimming at the hundreds of lakes that surround us.

Although this small town of 300 people might not seem like much, it has so much to offer like its hundreds of blues lakes that embrace the land or the vibrant sunsets you get to see everyday or even just the smiles from the people you get to see every day. And that’s what makes the town so cherishable.