Place Where You Live:

Los Angeles-Hollywood, California

A View Behind the Hollywood Sign.

The sunshine state of California, specifically Los Angeles Hollywood. A lovely place where inspiration, talent, diversity, and freedom of expression thrive at its best. The california state in general has to be a place you should visit at least once in your entire lifetime. Go to the beaches that vary all through the coast of california, each one similar but all offer something enjoyable. You want to have fun at the beach but at the same time take a little dip? Go to the santa monica beach, where the first thing that will greet you will be its big peer, with a roller coaster and ferris wheel ride, along with others, and it’s dirty seaweed filled water that people seem to enjoy since that beach is always full.

Maybe you’re a person who wishes to be with the stars, then go ahead anything is possible in california! In Hollywood Blvd of course, where I can guarantee you that you’ll be entertained by at least one thing on the famous star walkway. From street dancers, drummers, and even henna artist doing something that they love, to people messing with the Donald Trump star, trust me, you will be entertained. The city of second chances is how I like to picture it, and a second chance it gave me indeed.

Growing up in Los Angeles Hollywood, a place known for its entertainment never seemed to entertain me. I came into this new world with nothing, just me and my mother looking for a better life. Little sleep, work, living from paycheck to paycheck was the norm, my norm. I can go on forever with the stories of my life in Los Angeles because like any other place, it has its own story and if you look around, you will notice that each person has its own version to tell. Now I can tell you my own story, my version, but I rather not, all I would be doing is make Los Angeles sound like a bad place. I rather take my story and grow from the experiences that came with it because honestly, I should be thanking Los Angeles for taking me in with open arms and letting me grow as a person……….letting me call it home.