Place Where You Live:

Manlius, New York

There are many beautiful places around the world and most of us can only live in one at a time. Choosing a place to live is one of the biggest decisions that we make as adults. The place where I live is also the place I grew up. The place I grew up sits near the top of a hill in central New York. The place where I live is on the edge of Manlius, New York.

The house that I live in is heavily insulated and has a large garage so my father and I can build and store the projects we work on. My father designed the house and garage with this in mind. We are planning to install a geothermal heating system for the house. This will consist of running tubing underground to absorb heat from the ground and return to a heat exchanger that will heat up the air inside the house.

Behind the house the deer roam the woods. It is peaceful waking up in the morning and looking out the window at deer grazing in the back yard. The deer are normally a nice sight, but occasionally they are a horrible sight when they are in the middle of the road and you’re trying to frantically stop before you run them over. Other animals roam the woods and try to avoid the coyotes hiding in the woods. At night the coyotes can be heard howling. The trickle of a small stream can be heard coming from the woods. In the woods a 110ft tall birch tree stands with 4 trunks, one of which has fallen across the trail.

As well as providing woods to hike in Manlius, New York provides the conveniences of a medium size village, such as a movie theater and four pizza places. I was glad I lived on the edge of Manlius because it allowed me have a large backyard to ride go-karts and minibikes in. Overall Manlius, New York is a great community to grow up in.