Place Where You Live:

Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway, California

The day starts with a feeling of liveliness when going up the Reseda mountain: you see people quickly filling in the parking spots, taking out their refreshments, excited to start their hike. Friends and families laughing, their eyes filled with determination to win a race through the Phacelia tanacetifolia, in spring. Hikers with their dogs run and strangers run with other strangers. Critters run and hide but if you glance quickly enough there’s a chance lizards or tranchulas will be in your sight. Though this place is filled with scary looking animals there’s beauty in it as well, entering an animal’s home should be respected and thanks to the maintenance we can keep the bike trail clean. Helping others go further to the top, to be able to appreciate the view of the surrounding brown and green mountains.

Past the mountains a visibility of the city awaits, green trees next to big and strong skyscrapers, along with the many other smaller business buildings, and houses with a pool in their backyard. At times in the mornings a cool breeze passes through your hair with a distinct aroma from the ocean past the city. Sun shining on you, feeling like the king of the world on top of a mountain, a rush moves through your body with a high energy. You spend all your time exploring looking for that dear you swore you saw. Unfortunately, as the sun sooner or later begins to set signaling the end of the gorgeous day. Walking down the mountain towards the entry/exit, there on the side is a empty dirt space, around it is a small wooden fence and big rocks. Over the empty dirt space during night fall is a breathtaking view of the florenced valley pushing the reaction of amazement.

In the midst of the beautiful view you can sit and wonder about life, be indulge in your own thoughts, and think of the situations that has happened in your life. You sit and stare never wanting to leave, peace comes down, muscles begin to relax and enjoy. Out of everything in Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway, the view of the city at night is bar far the best it offers.