Place Where You Live:

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii, is a beautiful island just off center of the middle in the pacific ocean. It is my birth place, where I feel most comfortable, where the sun light shine everyday and a cool breeze washes over you every so often. It’s where I spent eight teen years of my life playing around on the beach and live life care free, where I made a majority of my life long friends though we may be spread throughout the united states I will alway consider them my family. It’s where I learned to love,think,feel,read,write, it’s where I became me and for this reason Maui, Hawaii is my home, but Maui is slowly being taken over by name brand companies gunning for land to take and develop. This takes the land away from the island and plants a scar of higher-income housing where a once beautiful sugar cane field or pineapple field grew. “This development will bring more money into the Hawaiian economy” they say, but at what cost? I say the subtle thing that make maui a beautiful, lush island. This is my fear for the island, that in this change of land the culture will also change, that we will no longer be taught to sustain things ourselves but rely on what good o’l (insert name of shipment company) will give us. I’m scared that the island I grew up with will be something I tell my children and grandchildren in stories of long long ago and i’m very scared that the meaning of “Aloha” will change, that it will be just another gimmick that people uses to give tourist a sense of comfort thinking that they know a piece of Hawaiian culture when they can’t event tell me what it mean. I’m scared just as so many of the people on the islands are, that the mainland will slowly take over and leave that place we all love lack-luster.