Place Where You Live:

Montreux, Switzerland

Life at the lake in Montreux Switzerland is not how one would imagine the typical summer life at the foot of the Swiss Alps. It is friendly, warm and a highly welcoming environment to live in.

The Immense Alpine Lake also known as Lake Geneva is home to endless different species of wildlife who sing to one another at dawn each evening. Life is quiet but can be noisy at the same time depending on whether it’s the sound of the neighbors cheerfully playing on their wooden flutes, the crickets singing their lullabies when the sun goes down, Or the Montreux Jazz music festival which plays live music all night long in the early month of July. A the small city of Montreux is always one of the kind. When the day gets too hot and the suns rays feel as if they are feeding through one skin, the cool glacial waters of the turquoise lake welcome hundreds of Citizens to bath in it’s purifying and energizing waters. Hundreds of thousands of hikes, mountainous parks and breathtaking views can be discovered from Montreux in short periods of travel time, but my favorite site is to sit by the lake and intaking the vibrant life expressed by the sites unique tranquility.

The place is one of a kind and always will be, however the destination is under threat however. The glaciers are melting and lake levels are rising. Pollution from boats on the lake is leading to deaths of thousands of fish. The people of Montreux hope to have their children and children’s children enjoy the beautiful city which has been available to us. So as the sun goes down each night in the sparows sing us to sleep with their playful conversations, hope of a small community speaks within us all to preserve this spectacular place for upcoming generations to enjoy it as much as we have