Place Where You Live:

Mumbai, India

Once an archipelago of 7 islands and now home to 20.7 million people, a place where you will witness stray dogs and species of exotic birds, artists and labors, the underprivileged and the millionaire living together in the same metropolitan city. It is the city of overcrowded streets and chaotic trains. Everyday almost 200 trains make more than 2,000 trips across 300 kilometers of track. Mumbai’s trains alone carry six million people per day, which is equal to the total population of Israel. It is a city that flowers in slums and skyscrapers, a city where you hear the chanting of mantras in the morning and the loud Bollywood music playing on the streets at night. It is the home to the largest tropical forest in a metropolitan area. It is the city of colors, naked feet, the Portuguese heritage, the British Empire and French architecture. Mumbai is the city of scorching heat in the afternoons and the tropical winds in the evening. We communicate in more than 400 languages. The streets of Mumbai entertain different culture every 25-kilometers. All the main religions are respected here. The roadside food stalls are the jewels to the city. “Chai” and “Parle G” (Tea and crackers) being sold on one side and on other side the spicy “vadapav”(Indian Snack). The blend of culture, history, spicy food and chaotic nature of the city is what makes this city unique.