Place Where You Live:

My Thinking Place, Woods of Bradford, Pennsylvania

            My place for thinking is a small clearing in the woods on the hill behind my house. I have recently started going there to think, and it’s been helping me a lot in a lot of aspects of my life as of now. The place is gorgeous, quiet, and away from the distractions of today, which makes me feel like it is my own.

            Since I have been sitting up there, the sky has almost always been gray with autumn clouds. Sometimes, the sunlight actually hits my little spot, but usually, what the clouds don’t kill, the trees do. Sometimes, birds will flit overhead, but other than that, they sky is calm.

            The trees are not too tall, but they are not short either. They are really sturdy and easy to lean on. The branches don’t develop until near the top, which means it would not be easy to climb up. A few of the trees are half-way bare, and most of them are the color of rust.

            The ground is covered with grass, except for a few places where there are blank patches. There is a small hole near the tree where I like to sit under, and sometimes a bug or a worm will pop out of it. There has been more than one occasion where a garter snake or a red-bellied racer has made a path amongst the grass right before me. Unless it is wet, the dirt doesn’t cling to my clothes, and I’m free to sit as long as I’d like. As far as the wildlife goes, I have seen squirrels on trees and a few chipmunks whiz through. I have picked up and identified a few snakes that have gone by, and squished the cornucopia of insects all the same.

            This place is “mine” in a sense, because I feel that it’s one place where I can be alone and just kind of reflect on life without worries. I don’t even have to think. I can just sit in nature and be at peace.