Place Where You Live:

New Delhi, India

I was born and raised in the capital of India, New Delhi. Although, I am currently studying in USA, I miss my hometown a lot. The thing that hurts me is that people in the US underestimate the city. Americans have this idea of India, but my experience is so much better. They think that it is full of slums, with garbage all around. But, the city has been totally changed, it is a booming city with diverse culture, knowledge, technology and businesses. It is still connected with the heritage by various historic and sacred places like Red Fort, Jama Masjid and Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. With so many people with different religious beliefs and cultures at one place, one can surely find different type of cuisines: Mughalai, Punjabi, South Indian ,etc. Even the food you get at the sacred places is not meant to be missed, specially “The Halwa” at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. At one side of the city, one can find the monuments of all the relgions: Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. and the other side of the city one can find the newly constructed Cyber Hub. The Cyber Hub is vast area of land covered with skyscrapers, and those skyscrapers are the headquarters of all the top IT companies of the world.

With different religions one gets to experience different architectures also. Although, the city has got a lot of British influence on the architecture but one can still relish the view of huge domes, floral carvings, long pillars and arches, contemporary buildings ,marble moldings ,brick houses and various other types.
I usually love to visit the Cannaught Place which is the central part of New Delhi. Every Sunday, Reebok organizes a sports meet at Cannaught Place and 1000s of people get together on this event. Cannaught Place is the most happening part of the city with events going there the whole year. Since, It was built by the British as 2 big roundabouts full of markets and restaurants, it is entirely built on British architecture .One can also enjoy many nature reserves in Delhi such as Okhla Bird sanctuary, Hauz Khas Lake, Deer Park and Ridge Forest. There, One can also enjoy the views of different species of Sparrows, Peacocks, Wolves, Deer, Monkeys and many more.

Because, this city follows many diverse cultures, it has got a large number of festivals and there is always something interesting to do. It is also moving forward with a lot of extremely hardworking people so this makes me love the fast environment of New Delhi even more.