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New York, New York

New York City is one heck of a town.

Welcome Home

I believe there hasn’t been a single song that represents New York City as strongly as “Empire State of Mind” by JayZ ft. Alicia keys. To me New York City is more than Time Square, Brooklyn Bridge, and The Statue of liberty. Even though those are all fabulous places to visit. Those sites aren’t what truly represent New York City in my opinion. It was once a necessary tool for New YorkEr’s to use the west side train and commute to work from the lower to the upper west side, the Highline a renovated railway turned park for the public and I used to walk by it every day when going home from school. A long bridge that hovers over the city streets from the Javits Center to 23rd street. I could look over to the west and see the river flow by New Jersey and to the right witness the chaos of New York City traffic, unfold during rush hour. Despite the inconvenience it might cause other people it’s just another reminder of just how busy NYC can really be. I take the train ride home and pass by 5 Pointz (an entire facility dedicated to graffiti art) where all the best graffiti artist I’ve ever seen doodle their heart and soul on a huge wall for every passenger on the train to look at and enjoy. I enjoy this more than I would like to admit. It unleashes the inner artist within me, so I appreciate the time each person has put into 5 Pointz and accomplished beautiful art for other commuters. As I approach the borough I call home Queens I’m always greeted with a welcome home sign every time I get off my train. In big bright letters that illuminates my face every time and it always spells “Welcome to Sunnyside”. The district, town, I grew up in. It’s the place in New York City where I spent most of childhood, I’ve always admired the view I get whenever I looks towards the city and see the city skyline.