Place Where You Live:

North Hollywood, California

In a little city where all the kids know each other and news spreads like wildfire. Rivalry between schools and competition at its peak. High school being one of the most cherishing moments where kids hang out at the donut shop and order a bacon-egg-and cheese. This is where I grew up. North Hollywood, Vineland being the main street and Magnolia being where all the good eats are at.

You realize harsh reality here as you see many homeless, burglaries, much crime. But you find many people here who are the truest childhood friends and the elderly being the sweetest. But all kids want to do here in NoHo is get out of NoHo. Such a small city that you feel the need to explore new places and get out of the city. It is the same new faces and the same buildings that when you’re somewhere else everything is a new book to you. You hear of kids moving away to go to college, going to the military, and moving states at the most and starting their life somewhere else.

I now dorm at CSU Channel Islands but I honestly love going back to NoHo. I miss the people that are still there, my family, and my nice little home. Sometimes it’s refreshing to go back home because you just miss the vibe with certain people that you cannot find here in Camarillo, you miss the good food that you cannot find elsewhere, and you miss the bacon-egg-and cheese bagels. Everyone is like one big family and since I don’t have that myself, I know I can always go home and feel that again with the people who remain close. Although Camarillo is my home away from home, NoHo will always be my favorite.