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Oxnard, California

Oxnard Strawberry Fields

Oxnard California. Where is that? “An hour away from Los Angeles.” This is usually the typical response when talking about Oxnard, But oxnard is more than just a place an hour away from Los Angeles. The most important place in oxnard is the agriculture. Oxnard is surrounded by fields and fields of different types of fruits and vegetables But one of the most important ones are the strawberries, one- third of california’s strawberries are grown here in oxnard. Most people think that Oxnard is full of just mexicans, but that in fact is not true. Oxnard is full of diverse culture and beliefs. We have so many different types of people here and it’s incredible. You could learn different traditions every day. And even though we are all different we all share some traditions and customs and that brings us all a bit closer. I love how Oxnard is also full of many hardworking people that are always there for eachother and are willing to give a helping hand. Oxnard is also full of different activities everyone can do. It has many beaches that are never crowded and everyone can have some family time together there. It has beautiful parks where people make parties and share all their cultures and traditions together, they bring their delicious foods with them and have enough to share with everyone. They have different types of festival where you can learn absolutely everything. It’s so cool how everyone can be so different yet a place can bring so many people together in acceptance and understanding. If you are looking for a place where you want to learn a little more about everything Oxnard is an amazing place to start with. Also if you love strawberries oxnard is the place. You can eat anything you can imagine with strawberry on it, in our famous California Strawberry festival any food you desire with strawberry in it no matter how weird it might be.