Place Where You Live:

Oxnard, California

Plaza Park

Oxnard, California surrounded by the famous strawberry fields and located along the coast of Southern California has been my home for 15 joyous years. The sun shines bright almost all year round followed by the cooling sea breeze that refreshes you on hot summer days. This diverse city is filled with different cultures, cuisines, lots of beaches, and most importantly unity. Not a day goes by where you do not see smiling families and friends enjoying each other’s company as they stroll along the streets.

During the summer you will see many families attend the famous Strawberry Festival at Rose Avenue and the Salsa Festival that takes place at the Plaza Park in Downtown Oxnard. Music fills the space as the people walk inside the different booths to try an assortment of sweet or spicy salsas. Out on the stage salsa dancers perform as couples in the crowd begin to swing their partners around. Across the street is a movie theater called Plaza Cinemas 14 a popular place for teenagers to go watch a movie with their friends, something I do very often.

Any day in Oxnard is an excellent day to grab the family and head out to the beach. My favorite place to go is the Oxnard Beach Park because as you step out the car you are greeted with the smell of freshly cooked BBQ, a pirate themed park, and out in the horizon you can hear the waves calling your name. During American holidays like the 4th of July and Labor day this beach is swarmed by families ready to enjoy delicious food, music, magnificent fireworks but most importantly each other’s company as they laugh the day away.

Oxnard is an overlooked place but to me it is a place where you feel at peace where you can relax and rid yourself of the problems in your mind. Oxnard will always have a place in my heart as it has taught me to enjoy life to the fullest and I will always remember the beautiful memories shared with my family and friends.