Place Where You Live:

Passow Farm, Goodspring, Tennessee

We found the perfect place in Goodspring, Tennessee. It was unkept and messy but it was amazing, all 90 acres of it. To get there you have to take a gravel road and the crunch sound is something that I treasure when I go up there. We fixed the red barn, rustic farm house, and white milk house to all make them look like new. The grass got cut, white fences were put up, and a big, deep, and beautiful pond was built. The outcome was extraordinary and I treasure the moments of when I get to go up there. Surrounded by fresh air, wide-open space, big swaying trees and long green grass, steep rolling hills, and absolute silence except for the animals and wind chimes. I see all sorts of animals at my farm; colorful birds, giant red squirrels, multicolored cows, possums (usually roadkill), horses, red foxes, and deer. The winding freshwater creek wraps around my farm with the water gliding over many colorful rocks. The newly built pond shimmers in the sunlight and is filled with fresh water grouper and sometimes water snakes. I can hear the cows mooing and see the brown and black calves nursing and playing.

Even though my parents found it 3 years ago my family and I have already made so many memories. I remember when I planted my first apple tree with my father right next to the red barn. Although my apple tree didn’t make it my blackberry plants did, so much so that they are outgrowing our white fence. At night, during the summer, the lightning bugs illuminate the farm beautifully. Night time is my favorite part of the day. I remember the first time, on those cloudless nights, the stars are endless and seem to light up the night. Our parents bought the farm so that their children could always have another place to call home and sometime in the future bring their grandchildren. Hopefully, in the years to come our farm will stay in the Passow family for generations to come.