Place Where You Live:

Portland, Oregon


Portland, a place I have always been around, I grew up in the surrounding area of Beaverton. I always had reasons not to go downtown, it was too big, too loud, and too busy. Now, I am downtown a majority of the time. Whether it’s school, work, or friends. Though I am here most of the time, and have found many interesting things in Portland, I don’t feel a real connection to it like I do with my home city. Portland feels like somewhere I would never want to call my home. I like quiet and simple. I work on the South Waterfront at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It is fast paced and crazy all the time. I get to experience all kinds of people, Portlanders and not. The environment is awesome, but after a long day all I can think about is the peaceful drive home, and seeing my familiar street, and making my way to the sanctuary I get to call my bedroom. I have made it exactly how I want it, it is clean, elegant, and cozy. It is my favorite place to be, and it’s hard to picture that it won’t be my room within the next few months. I know most 19 years olds patiently, and eagerly wait to move out of their parents home, but it is a simple comfort that brings me happiness like no other place. When I think of calling Portland my “new home” it makes me a little sad. I know that I can bring material objects with me, but I won’t be able to open the door to the rest of my home. I won’t have the childhood memories right outside of my door anymore. I am not big on change, I have lived in the same house my whole life. So calling Downtown Portland my new home is strange to me. I have patterns that will have to change, things so simple to others like a route I run. Although small, it’s very important to me. I hope to eventually connect with Portland.