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Rio Del Mar, California

Nature's Confetti

Rio Del Mar is a lovely little area of Aptos, California, that offers so much for the devoted nature lover:  miles of beach for walks, runs, playtime with pets, friends, family; views of the ocean with its pods of dolphins shimmering in and out across the surface of our seascapes, whales breaching farther out, but not so far that they can’t be seen in all their nubby glory, and even an occasional pair of sea lions sunning themselves on the sand, right there among the mid-day walkers!; the masses of pterodactylic creatures known as pelicans coasting just above; the rolling hills and little–and not so little–mountains on which many of us are lucky enough to live, hills that come alive with daubs and smears of salmons and corals at sunset enough to be their very own art, sometimes glazed in clarity, other times gauzed with the fog that I, a strange creature myself, adore; this, a little slip of the little town we call our own, with its tiny, sparsely placed storefronts and eateries.  This, my beautiful Rio, a tiny, quiet area in perfectly small town near the south end of our humble Santa Cruz County.