Place Where You Live:

Rochester, New York

Something a lot of people thinks when they hear Rochester, New York, they think of New York City. I know Rochester is in upstate New York and it’s the home of the survivors. The majority of the streets have the stench of a garbage truck and few opportunities for the youth, there is nothing to do in Rochester except get in trouble or play a sport. On every street corner there is sounds of basketballs bouncing like the beat of a drum. Every park is swarmed with kids like ants on a sticky piece of candy. I don’t consider Rochester as my home, East High School is my home. East High changed my life.

East High was considered one of the worst schools because of it’s graduation rate. East challenged me as a student. Overloading me with work sometimes leaving me sleepless. Starting in the Seventh grade I was already put in the category as a high school dropout. I overcame the challenge and I graduated high school early and enroll into college three days later.

Attending East High helped me accomplish a lot of athletic accomplishments. I touched the shiny purple helmets and feel in love. I strapped on the shoulder pad that fitted on my body like a glove. Walking on the field when it was a full house was overwhelming. Every game I had a weird feeling like a million butterflies were in my stomach. I went from being the worst player on the freshman football team to being the highest ranked player in the county on varsity.

I was giving the opportunity to get as far away from Rochester as possible by receiving thirteen division one scholarships. If I would have went to another school in the City of Rochester I would not have been given the same chances or developed the same mental attitude I was giving at East high. Going to this school made me a better student, football player and a better person. East High School raised me this is way it’s my home.