Place Where You Live:

San Diego, California

Two bros headed down to the beach for some shreddin'

“A coastline, just a few miles away. Palm trees warmed by a sunny day. Perfect weather approaches, as is wont. You head down to the nearest restaurant. The ocean provides a restless taunt, as you scarf down a homemade carne asada burrito. Swimsuit-clad locals fill the streets, as it’s their habit of doing so. You join them in anticipation of feeling the gentle sand between your toes; all you can say is what a perfect day.”

Hey bruh!

If you are one of the 1.35 million, or are just visiting, then congratulations. You have just been hypnotized by one of the largest tropical paradises in the U.S. Where are you? Are you in the family-oriented Cabrillo National Monument, named after the founder of this great city? Or are you enjoying a trip to the San Diego Zoo? Maybe you’re at the beach, taking full advantage of one of the world’s most gentle climates. Or perhaps you’re enjoying the famous space museum in Balboa Park. Wherever you may be, at any time of the year, I feel for you. You will have to leave for home eventually, either due not having enough time and avoiding insomnia, or returning to your own home state or country. But it’s okay.

I’ll always welcome you back with open arms. We’ll go on another adventure together, be it on a restaurant tour from the many restaurants such as Garcia’s, Roberto’s, Alejandro’s, Mexico Viejo, Sushi Ota, Bluewater Seafood, one of the many street taco stands; or I can take you to visit the world-famous Seaworld. If you feel like a relaxing day, I’ll take you on a walk through the coastline of Hotel Del Coronado. If you feel like a rush, but are on a budget, then come on down to Belmont Park and ride roller-coasters all day, including the legendary Giant Dipper that was built in 1925, for only $25. If you feel out of place, I can assure you that you’ll feel welcome. Don’t have a tan? Sunbathe at the beach I’m most proud of, Mission Beach. Here, you’ll be able to rent bicycles, roller-blades, skateboards, surfboards, snorkeling gear, water bikes, jet skis, kayaks, scooters, motor scooters, motor bikes, motor skateboards etc.. Want to just relax and go swimming in Mission Beach? Take advantage of the public barbeques if you desire!

At the end of the day, either when you’re sunburnt from forgetting to reapply sunscreen, or you’re finished with the day and heading home, at least we’ll be in agreement when you say, “What a perfect day.”