Place Where You Live:

Santa Clarita, California

During my many years of living here I’ve learned that the SoCal stereotypes are very true. For instance, the many freeways. I can never go anywhere without hopping on the 5, 405, 101, 118, 126, or the 210. I cannot begin to explain how annoying traffic can be too, especially going into Los Angeles. I go down to Los Angeles at least twice a week because there is so many things to do down there so I get pretty used to the traffic. It’s funny, people outside of California view it as this amazing place but really it’s overcrowded. As Dwight Schrute once said, we need a new plague.

Living in Southern California is not all about freeways though. The beach is always a quick drive away and every time I go I always have to get In N Out on my way home. Actually, no matter what you decide to go do with friends the night always ends at In N Out. It’s quite unhealthy how often I’ve had it. But I guess that’s what you expect from young kids living in Southern California; we go to the beach and eat tons of In N Out.

If I ever tell someone I’m from Santa Clarita and they don’t know where that is all I have to say it’s where Six Flags Magic Mountain is. To tourists it’s one of the most amazing amusement parks but to residents, we couldn’t care less about it. I even work there over summer which is pretty cool because all the young kids get together and have fun while working. It’s also interesting to see all the different walks of life that come to see the thrill rides. It’s quite eye opening considering Santa Clarita is not that diverse. Overall, Santa Clarita isn’t too bad once it you warm up to it.