Place Where You Live:

Santa Clarita, California

Overlook of Santa Clarita Valley

The location of my hometown is what is most catching to me. It is perfectly placed in the middle of anywhere and everywhere you could ever dream of being. An hour one way brings you to the beach. Twenty minutes another way dumps you off at a lake. An hour another way brings you to the snow in the wintertime. Anytime of the year our weather is pretty warm and we do not get much rain, but it is a great in the middle town unless you do not enjoy heat. I can tell you it gets very, very hot during the summers here but as I said before, the beach is just an hour away.

The city is small compared to others itself, but Los Angeles is just thirty minutes away to a see a large, very cultural city. You can experience anything from Chinese food to Mexican food in a block of each other and even grab some dessert after right next door. If you are feeling like you want to be secluded for the weekend, you can travel on up to the mountains and stay in a little cabin for some peace and quiet. Other than being so close to so many different amazing places, the city of Santa Clarita is very nice itself.

Santa Clarita contains everything from tourist destination Magic Mountain, to small city skateparks and family owned restaurants. There is a wide variety of activities to keep you busy such as bowling, watching a movie, shopping, or even going to college. My hometown has so many opportunities and amazing activities to do while here, you rarely ever get bored. Because of the vast locations around the city, the cultural mix is great as well, making for meeting new people of other cultures and learning new ways is quite common. Santa Clarita is definitely the perfect middle ground for any age group.