Place Where You Live:

Santa Cruz, California

I love living in Santa Cruz because it’s magical. We have Redwood semperviren forests near the beach and in our mountains… they thrive on the foggy mists coming from the sea. We have a variety of sea life: whales, sea lions, otters, jellyfish, pelicans, seagulls, sharks, and many many types of edible fish. Santa Cruz is a Monarch butterfly breeding ground. We have cliffs and we have beautiful sandy beaches. We have sunshine and fresh air… it’s amazing to breathe. Santa Cruz is at the North tip of the Monterey Bay, a marine sanctuary. We love surfing, sailing, skateboarding, and just about anything outside! And last, but not least, we are home to most famous disc-golf course in the world, De Laveaga Disc Golf course, home of the “Top Of The World” shot.

Come visit and see for yourself!