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Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica

I’m pretty biased when it comes to answer to the question, where is the best place to live? Growing up in California at times I tend to take for granted but when I think about where I live I can’t help but smile! California in my opinion is the greatest state in the world to live in; you have snow, you have cities, you have the beach and you also have suburbs all within two to five hours trip between them.

I was born and raised in more of a suburban city called Westlake Village, but that is not the city I am going to be writing about today.

I’m going to share with you my all time favorite city in the world, Santa Monica, California. Just thinking of Santa Monica brings about a flood of memories and emotion. I’ve always been a sentimental person and when it comes to Santa Monica I can’t help but jump for joy. Santa Monica is near and dear to my heart because some of my favorite memories have been made there.

I never really went to Santa Monica much when I was little, it wasn’t until my junior year of High School where I met my best friend Niki and formed a group of friends I’ll have forever. Niki lives in the Pacific Palisades, and my most fondest memories is driving in her car with five of my best friends with the windows down blasting music.

I love Santa Monica because it’s so central to LA and venice beach and there is always something going on.

Some of my fondest memories in Santa Monica include: my first date, getting asked to prom on Third Street Promenade, hanging out with my best friend Davis and meeting some people and taking photos, helping my friend film his Youtube video around Third Street Promenade, watching my friend Morgan rollerblade on the Santa Monica pier and dying of laughter when she fell. These are just a few of my all time favorite memories.

When I think about Santa Monica I can’t help but think of sunny skies and warmth. I’ll cherish these memories forever and ever.