Place Where You Live:

Virginia Beach, VA

When people ask the question where is home, some may say their physical home, the place where they grew up and slept, and others may talk about a place that they spent a lot of time. For myself, my home is wherever I feel most like me as well as just being with my family. The beach is one of those places that I call home; more specifically Virginia beach.

I grew up with going to Virginia Beach multiple times during the year to see family. Every time we go, we stay at the same place which is a base called Fort Story. That base has cabins which have a special place in my heart. The cabins are on a campground in the base, and there’s six of them centered around a playground and a fire pit. You walk into one and you are instantly surrounded by walls built from older wooden logs and you feel like you’re in the middle of a forest instead of by a beach.

The best part of the trip to me was somehow always fitting our family of seven into those small cabins each time. Another place I call home is the Outer Banks. I spend one week of my two months of summer there with my whole family. I have four brothers and with one living in Germany and the others a couple of hours away it’s hard to really stay in touch and do things like normal siblings. Family is a huge deal to me, and so is keeping up with those relationships, which is why I always look forward to any trip I’m able to go on with my family.